Okay this is copied directly from an email because for purposes of my sanity I did not want to type it again and drive myself annoyed…

So the ISP somewhat disguised in the subject line now have this IVR system when you call in and it literally takes like 5 minutes for it to work out where you want to go (Gripe #1). So I tell it what I need to and I join a queue. Waiting, waiting, waiting. My call gets answered and I give the job number. Oh it says its closed (Gripe #2), but you’ve reached the wrong department I’ll have to transfer you. (Gripe #3). Okay wasn’t the whole point of the IVR so people get to the right place?!?! So I join a another queue.

Meanwhile the time ticks onwards to the 1 hour mark (Gripe #4 – the time). At one hour the waiting in the queue disappears and it’s kicked me out (Gripe #5). I ring up again, follow the same steps. ‘Your call will be answered in 5 minutes. (Gripe #6, why was I waiting for an hour before?!?!). The guy answers… checks, oh the job was closed last Thursday (Gripe #7). It doesn’t say who closed it or why it was closed. Hence them not turning up. Oh and the technican only rings when their late. But hey he was never going to come was he because the freaking job was closed. By this stage I was tired, pissed off and really annoyed. Oh we can’t do anything now it’s after 6pm… we can’t track the technician. You’ll have to ring back tomorrow. Like theres no chance in hell I’m going to wait in the queue again. I was slightly more polite in expressing that.

So he’s going to call me back first thing. Oh but he’s in India so that won’t be till like midday (I even worked out the time it would be here before he could). So yeah I’m pissed off about all the above, but mainly because they closed the ticket, no one told us, people have to take time of work, and no-one rocks up. I’m contemplating ringing up with it as a complaint. The guy told me there was no complaints department. According to the website there is. Or should I wait till tomorrow? But I’m still annoyed so now may be a good time to vent?

Edit: apparently the complaints department is only open till 7pm. Well if I hadn’t been waiting in that stupid stupid phone queue maybe just maybe I could have lodged my freaking complaint?!?! Argh!!!!!!!!! iiNet do you want my business?