We bought a balloon dog for $3!

Okay so I was in the city yesterday for a meetup which was the same day that CityChase was on. CityChase is an urban adventure (think The Amazing Race city style). Anyways in waiting for people we tried to follow a couple of the participants but gave up after a bit as we figured they were actually going somewhere reasonably far away. Anyways as we were all leaving we bumped into a pair trying to sell their balloon dog. And in the moment because I thought it was pretty damn cool I’m like let’s see how much more they need. So somehow we then landed up with the balloon dog for $3 (as they had somehow already made $17). They had to make $20 from it. If you think about it, who in their right mind would buy a balloon dog for $20 let alone $3? Though later on as we walked back towards George St we bumped into another pair… they did the smart thing and bought their dog out for $20 which would’ve saved them a lot of time.

And so here I post the $3 balloon dog…


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