Well as anyone who knows me knows, I don’t possess that many cooking skills. Which is probably because a) I haven’t actually had to cook much and hence have not expanded my cooking skills and b) quite possibly I just am crap at cooking. So when I do cook and as those who know will also attest to, it often involves a microwave and vegetables. So on recommendation (or maybe it was a joke?) from the dude I shall start blogging my adventures in microwave cooking.

First things first these cooking adventures all take place in a normal microwave oven, so that rules out any fancy microwave cooking that could take place in a convection microwave. Hence sometimes you may need to utilise other cooking devices to add extra touches to the final product.

Also as a word of warning to possible brilliant ideas that involve the use of a microwave… here are some things that don’t work in a microwave that I have witnessed (or in some cases committed).

  • You can’t cook eggs in their shell in the microwave. They tend to explode and make a huge mess.
  • Drying clothes in microwaves is a not a wise idea. They can catch on fire/burn.

So your probably wondering why microwave cook? Well the Microwave Cooking For One website has a list which pretty much sums it up. For me… it’s the words Fast, Economical and Convenient. There’s nothing worse than coming home and realising it will take ages to prepare something decent. With the microwave you can be cooked and eating something decent in about 30 mins. And there really is less mess to clean up… unless you don’t cook carefully and end up making a mess in the microwave.

But for now, this shall be it for this post. Coming up next will be my latest adventure in cooking eggplant pizzas (well that’s what they looked like) in the microwave (though the griller was needed for a small portion).