So after having two separate convos with friends on consecutive days regarding the ‘friending’ of friends on Facebook and other similar social networking sites such as MySpace I was somewhat amused to read on the SMH website an opinion article on Facebook which highlights the very questions somewhat raised by the convos I had. So much so that I had to post about the topic/article.

But some interesting points are raised. Social networking sites seem to lend a hand to adding friends who whilst one may class as friends may not necessarily be classed as ‘friends whom you would hang out with’. So in effect (and as the article points out) we are brought closer as our social network expands to include those we may not see on a regular basis yet further isolates us from opportunities of social networking in reality.

Even though I play on both sides of the ‘friending’ debacle, the ultimate question when Facebooking often comes down to:

‘To Add to Friends or not To Add to Friends?’