Or so it seemed. So today me and Em went on a somewhat weather fuelled adventure to seek out crazy beach weather. Well waves and whatnot. Our first stop was Nielsen Park in Vaucluse where the event of harbour surfing is a somewhat rare event (mainly pics in the bottom 4 rows). As the weather wasn’t as windy and wild as Saturday the waves weren’t quite as cool as the ones in the linky, but there were a couple of guys out there catching breaks. Just as we decided to walk back to the car as opposed to the thrown up option of taking a walk ‘cos the weather looked okay, the sky decided to open and start drizzling ending in a torrential pouring just as we’d made it back to the car (which did require a bit of a crazy run).

Next up the Bondi region where my inability as an adult to close a zipper results in us getting out of the vehicle when it starts raining again. Soon followed by us running along the Bondi to Bronte walk in a deluge and taking shelter under the side of Icebergs. Of course when making the return run it of course decides to rain again. All in all, good outside Sunday fun in the rain… even if we did later sit at Maccas eating all cold ‘cos our clothes were soaked.

For picture purposes (in a somewhat bad pose) of what random running in rain results in:

this is what running in the rain does…