So I’ve come to the conclusion that toothpaste does matter. Not in the sense of ‘oh that’s gross he/she doesn’t use toothpaste’ as everyone I know is a user of toothpaste, but more in a sense of taste does matter. Well in the world of toothpaste anyway. See upon finding out our household was in a critical shortage of toothpaste (i.e. waking to brush teeth and finding out there are no new tubes in the house) a mission was made to the shops (after I had yes brushed said teeth with some toothpaste).. to buy toothpaste. So purchase made I go home only hours later when my mum comes home to find out she had bought toothpaste too. In our shock horror that we had no toothpaste in the first place, we both acquired twin packs of toothpaste. You know it’s one of those items, that you really can’t be bothered buying all the time, so you kind of stock up on it… (or not?).

Jump forward another few hours and it’s time to do the nightly brush. So out comes the toothpaste and I proceed to do the teeth cleaning ritual. Except a few seconds in I decide that I don’t like the toothpaste because it doesn’t taste ‘good’. You know that minty fresh feeling that you have after you brush your teeth that lets you know that it’s actually somewhat clean? Well the toothpaste I’d purchased lacked that fresh feeling. More like the slightest mint taste that completely disappeared after the foam that results is washed away. And why am I sad at this discovery? The fact that both my mum and myself bought the exact same toothpaste type/flavour. So not only do I have to endure the current tube of toothpaste, there is another 3 to go. Note to self, do not buy said toothpaste again. A different more minty variation of the same brand would be nicer for my palate. Not that I actually eat the toothpaste or anything.