So I’ve made a move to Drupal over the last few days and there’s a couple of things which are nicer, and a couple of things that I wish were easier. There wasn’t really any particular reason that I moved… a curiosity of the other options out there and some things that are happening which have me exploring…

So on to the good, the bad and the ugly…(based on my quick 2.5 day use of it)


  • Allows greater options, customisation, content management
  • Interface does not appear clunky/heavy
  • Quite quick to get base install up an running


  • Learning curve is steeper </ Ugly

  • It’s a pain to try to import WordPress blogs into. There is a plugin that exists which does the job, but when you have a WordPress extract just under 2MB this becomes quite painful. So I’ve given up importing them in, and have kept my previous site and posts under

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