In a nutshell… a on the upper side of the twenties range, year old female who is currently a sport playing Analyst Programmer.

For the longer breakdown feel free to keep reading… 🙂

My name’s Del, though I’m often sometimes referred to by my surname, which seems fitting enough given the somewhat nerdy The Matrix which seemingly put my surname out into the world. Oh and apparently provides others with amusement at coming up with Matrix style jokes/references in relation to said surname in question.

I’m currently an Analyst Programmer dabbling in Java code and assorted other internet related technologies. My previous jobs have all been somewhat related to technology… oh except if you count my first job ever which was as the paper boy (or in my sense girl!).

Pre my geek days I was an active player of all things sporty, but as the geek within grew it kind of declined. But the last few years have proved a change and at the moment I’m happily playing soccer in the winter and cycling when the weather is right.

I love to travel and really like the Asia region and after the big trip of 2008 also the USA (which I’m planning on going back to in 2010). I’ve decided Europe is a little bit far though from Australia… can anyone beat this for an epic journey: 5 hrs airport + 1 hrs flying + 5 hours airport + 10 hours flying + 4 hours airport + 9 hours flying?!?