Broadsheet papers are not designed for cramped places/spaces

So I mark my return to blogging with a gripe… I meant to post about this earlier in the week but just got round to it now.

Broadsheet newspapers, you know those gigantic newspapers that fold out and could probably be used as a tablecloth (if you really tried)… well there not designed to exactly be easily read in cramped places/spaces. Like the bus or train for example.

Especially if it’s the morning peak… Have you ever tried yourself to read a broadsheet on public transport? Yep… disaster. So there I am on my normally peaceful morning bus ride which becomes un-normal when the dude behind me proceeds to read his paper the whole paper… So not only does he have a dude to his side, theres the passengers in front… and what do you know the whole way in I get the swish of paper on the back of my head… Argh… at least fold it so it doesn’t attack the fellow passengers…

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