Did a somewhat rough pack today as I really won’t feel like packing during the week after I get home from work. Hasn’t turned out too bad, first weigh of the bag was 5.8kgs. Since then have removed some stuff and added others. Packing is a somewhat fun exercise – having to think what will work well, wash easy, be okay? And the ultimate question of, ‘Do I really need this?’… Going into Central Europe in mid-late October it’s supposed to have average min/max day temps of about 4 – 13 degrees, which I think is a bit colder than Sydney’s winter min/max averages. So had to pack some warm clothes since I consider winter in Sydney a bit cold sometimes.

In some somewhat exciting travel news for me, I found out the other day that the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center opens for 2008 before leaving for Europe. Which I’ll now have to definitely go to that!