Okay so all the above didn’t really occur at the same time, but they did happen. In a continuation of yesterday’s happenings dinner was bought from this Japanese place on Hollywood Blvd. We wanted something reasonably healthy but not too expensive and it seemed like a decent enough place. And it was only $7 bucks. Now to see how much food this entailed I have to post a picture:


Lets say I was quite nicely full after eating not even half of it.

Then after dinner curiosity got the better of me, so people watching the Emmy’s party ensued. It was kin of extremely odd as they had converted what was a parking lot on the street of the hostel into a party complete with red carpet and what not for the after party. There were news trucks from the major news channels parked in the street and all that stuff that goes with it. No photos though, as we had to watch from the other side of the street and small compact cameras don’t hold up well taking photos at night in the street and that distance.

It was interesting to see that pretty much most of the arrivals chose to drive their own cars and get them valeted… Not sure what the drink driving rules are? There were what we think were a few paps there as they knew each other and at one point one asked another who he had rung. Anyways these guys knew who the celebs/stars (?) were… The only one noticeable to us was Lindsay Lohan. I’m pretty sure there were others though, as the pap guys pointed them out – the chick from The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one. A quick Google shows others rocked up during the night, but we gave up and retired to the hostel.

Today though it was time for new scenery and over to Santa Monica it was. We’re staying a bit up from the pier – about a 20 min walk I think? – so after we dropped our stuff of it was time for a wander down to the pier area. It’s very quiet at the moment ‘cos I think it’s low season, so when we rode the Pacific Wheel there wasn’t that many people at all. Some wandering around the shops and my feet were pretty much dead. Thank goodnes for the Big Blue Bus. The one awesome thing about the buses here is it’s a flat rate where ever. And so a ride on the Big Blue Bus was only 75 cents. Well worth the distance we would have had to walk.