Not seen in that particular order, but that’s what was pretty uncovered today. Did the Runyon Canyon walk rather early (a bit after 7am) as it gets reasonably warm later in the day. Lots of dog walkers and lots of unusual looking dogs too. Walked the shorter loop up to the top and took a few photos looking down on LA. Was quite smoggy though, so tried to capture the Hollywood sign as best could. The photo below though was taken from a different point yesterday – it turned out slightly clearer.

Then it was on to Beverly Hills. That suburb has a totally different scenery – green grass, tree lined streets. For some reason or anther shops in the US don’t open till 12 noon? At least in Beverly Hills they don’t – so walked around Rodeo Drive and all the shops were closed. Can’t say I could’ve afforded to shop at any of them though.

As a rather interesting note, the Emmy’s are happening in Hollywood tonight Checked but it’s being held downtown not on Hollywood Blvd so no star spotting to happen. Though across the road from the hostel there is some red carpet do that has been setup during the day. Looks setup now but lots of people in black doing things.

Anyways, for some photos…

View of the Hollywood Sign (taken somewhere on Hollywood Blvd)


Watch out for rattlesnakes in the canyon!


Beverly Hills palm tree shot


Tomorrow it’s of to Santa Monica…