Reading note: Posting is a reverse of the last two days… (being typed during the commerical breaks of the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season Five).

Today was a visit to the happiest place on earth – otherwise known as Disneyland. Considering I wasn’t really thinking of going to Disneyland until a couple of months before leaving for holidays, I have to now say that it is awesome! And really could quite possibly be [one] of the happiest places on earth. And because Halloween is in about a month here, the park was decorated in a Halloween theme!

Going in September was really good as it wasn’t really crowded at all. Covered all the major rides without waiting more than 15 minutes. By 12 noon (park opened 10am) had ridden (in order) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain. And in the afternoon it wasn’t too bad either. Fastpast-ed Indie ride and had to wait 30 min for Splash Mountain but that was it. Pretty much everything else (except for some reason the little kiddie rides like Dumbo) had a 5 minute wait time. Space Mountain though made me a bit dizzy and had to have a bit of a break after it – hot weather and no breakfast I think didn’t work well.

The second time on Splash Mountain though was well worth the wait. The first time in the morning I barely got a splsh of water- actually I don’t think anyone in the log did. But in the afternoon I managed to get the front of the log, and the log practically got flooded on every downhill bit. Like a wave of water coming over the front and by the end was totally soaked head to toe – a relief from the weather which was quite hot. Everyone in our log this time got soaked for some reason.

Oh and I had to get Mickey ears, as they had free embrodiary of your name, and where am I ever going to find my name on anything? So I was quite 🙂

Some pictures:





Yesterday was driving out from Santa Monica to Anaheim time. Some car hire related issues to detail at a later stage, but the drive wasn’t that bad really. LA traffic isn’t too bad – it’s pretty much like Sydney except with more lanes.

Dumped our gear the motel and as we had nothng planned checked out a shopping mall and a Walmart which is like a Big W and Woorlworths in one. And it has a pharmacy and Macca’s and this was a small Walmart.

Anyways that’s the main rundown for the last few days. Tomorrow brings Vegas, and apparently there is not much free Internet there (if any) as all the casinos charge for Internet ‘cos they can. So am probably disappearing from the web for the next few days. Next update will probably be from Utah.