Well being a sucker for sunrises and sunsets I had to watch the sun set in the west over the Pacific Ocean.



Today was spent cruising the coast on bikes I don’t know how the locals manage to ride bikes with cruiser bike style handlebars as I found then rather quite odd. Rode up through Venice and was intending to keep heading towards Dockweiler Beach/Park which is pretty much where LAX is. Gave up a bit after Venice though as the bike path ended and riding on the road wasn’t that fun. Venice though was an oddity of sorts. Eccentric characters sprucing their wares and what not. Including the cardbox box ‘Venice Park Wishing Well which proclaimes that it was to fund a pothead… Wanted to get a pic of it, but the owner of the sign had moved it before I got a chance.


Tomorrow brings the first day of driving. We might check out a shopping mall and a Walmart, as we think we’ve seen enough coast for the time being, and haven’t really got anything planned. The day after is the supposed ‘happiest place on earth’ – Disneyland!