So thought I’d post an entry on the gadgets I’m lugging with me on my travels this time. I don’t usually take this many gadgets, but since this trip is a little longer than usual and there’s lots of flying, driving and free wireless there are now a number of additions.

  1. Asus Eee PC – The first time I’m lugging a computer of sorts with me. I sort of bought this specifically for my trip (those in the know, this is the machine which in theory I made a profit from buying). It’s approx 900 grams is small, light and has pretty much everything a laptop these days has. And it comes in black! It wasn’t too hard of a choice to decide to bring this as this trip is going outside of Asia, and most places out of Asia have free wirless almost everywhere (exception being Australia). It’s also got Skype so if we needed to make any calls we could just use it and comes with all the basic software for word processing, editing images, organsing your music player etc.
  2. Apple iPod – Read a couple of articles about how some choose not to bring their MP3 players as they detract from everything else on their travels/experiences/etc. For me though my iPod is the gadget that lets me tune out, usually when I’m waiting at the airport for hours or on some bus/boat ride which turns out to be twice as long as it should be. Also I’ll be using this as my backup hard drive to copy my photos to and what not.
  3. Auto Kit for iPod w/ Dock Connector – Got a couple of road trips happening, so need this to transmit from the iPod.
  4. Mobile phone – I suppose I don’t really need this, but SMS is useful and as is the alarm clock feature.
  5. SanDisk MicroMate Reader – This came with one of my SD cards I bought a couple of years ago. I like it because it’s super small and it reads quite fast.
    • Canon Digital IXUS 60 – One’s got to take photos when they’re on holidays… Decent small/compact camera.</ol> Of course the unfortunate part of lugging all the above is that you have to carry all the cables as well as power plug adaptors. The cables are the worst part though.
Not really related to gadgets, but definitely tech related, is [Google Docs]( Have used Google Docs for this trip to store what ever interesting info might help along the way. There is now a plugin which enables you to access and read/edit your documents offline and when you&#8217;re online it will save/update as required.