So last night was spent at the theatre watching The Lion King. Had tickets in the 3rd front row smack in the middle. The theatre wasn’t really that big (which was a surprise) so the seats were pretty awesome and gave us a view of everything. Really enjoyed the show as whilst it was a musical there was also some dialogue as well. And the animals/costumes were pretty awesome.

Today was up the Empire State. It is a nice view, but not as nice as the top of the Rockefeller. The Empire State is very crowded and the observation decks are very narrow whereas at Top of the Rock it’s not and there are 3 decks.

After that it was downtown to catch the free Staten Island Ferry to view the Statue of Liberty. Which isn’t very large at all. Then back to head past Wall St and to where Ground Zero is. Walking past Wall St was quite interesting given the financial situation. News trucks pretty much everywhere and very crowded/busy. On that *OMG* at the AUD which now only buys $0.63 USD! It dropped like 5 cents overnight! An every day is a new cycle where panic seems to drop every market lower. In the lift up the Empire State it had one of those TV screen things, and it said the Dow dropped 500 points in the first 5 minutes of it opening!

Then it was a walk to Chinatown where some 1 <3 NY shirts were bought. And a snack or two. Confusing moment when I was trying to order a drink but they didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Mandarin. On to Union Square and a look at another Apple Store then back to the hotel. The Rockefeller Ice Rink is open from today so swung by that this evening to take photos and will go tomorrow morning for a skate. It’s somewhat odd because it’s outdoors but it isn’t really cold yet here. Anyways that’s it for now…