So in a Budapest Macca’s drinking hot chocolate as it has free wi-fi! And it is fast. Budapest is a nice change from Prague and Munich. It’s not as touristy, easy to walk around and the food is great and cheap (when compared to Prague and Munich). You can have a top sit down meal with drinks for $25 AUD approx. Which whilst I could not afford to eat like that every day of this trip, seeing we’re at the end it’s like a ‘why not?’ Especially thinking about 27+ hours it will take to get home.

What has been a little 🙁 is that most of the European countries visited have taken to maintenance works of things which has scuttled some of the pretty building views… but not all at least.

Oh also, Budapest marked the staying at an easyHotel which is from the ‘easy’ group brand that Stelios (of easyJet fame) created. For a 7×8 square metre room (the smallest) it is surprisingly big – maybe about the same size as the hostel room in Hollywood. At $120 AUD for 4 nights I can’t complain.

Postings tomorrow night from Macca’s on the nightly hot chocolate run…