Have to ask that question considering how steep some of the streets were. With the exception of the hills, San Francisco is a very easy city to walk around as things aren’t that far away. Headed to Alcatraz this morning then walked to Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill then onwards to Lombard St which has a section that supposedly is “the crookedest street in world”.

After that it was onwards to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s pretty much catered for the tourist – seafood/fish and chip joints, souvenir stores and what not. Oh and what I reckon were giant seagulls. I swear they were like at least double the size of the Australian sea gull. Oh and the sea lions at one of the piers…

Then onwards to Chinatown to get some cake for afternoon tea and a stroll back to the hostel as the bus stops were way too crowded.

Tomorrow it’s time for the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park and whatever else happens. Was going to hire a bike, but from the boat to Alcatraz it looks quite far to ride over to the other side of the bridge, so that idea is scrapped.

Anyways to give a perception of how steep some streets are… on the “crookedest street” there has to be a series switchbacks so the cars can actually get down the hill.