So this is probably the last post from San Francisco. Heading to a hotel near the airport tomorrow afternoon/evening because of the early flight to NYC the next morning and it has no free WiFi.

Today was pretty much a casual day around. Got a cable car down towards Fisherman’s Wharf in the morning. Surprisingly at 8:30am in the morning there was already a queue! Hate to think what it is like on a weekend. Down at Fisherman’s Wharf again, I decided to get a numberplate… just for randomness of the driving through 4 states.

After that onwards to the Golden Gate Bridge and then to Golden Gate Park. A bus ride back towards Civic Center went through a couple of suburbs that looked rather hippie-ish and then it was time for laundry washing. Which in this case required waiting for it to finish given the somewhat dodgyness of this area… the part of SF with high population of homeless and substance addicted peoples.

Other than that was quite shocked at how much the dollar has dropped overnight – 1 Australian dollar = 0.7152 U.S. dollars! And that means the actual cash conversion rate is probably under 70 cents! So on that a little bit glad that there is approx a week left in the States…. at 70 cents USD to 1 AUD things start getting a little bit pricey.

Next post maybe from NYC if the free WiFi in the hotel lobby works… After that no idea what the net access is like… Must say Australia is very behind in this free WiFi thing…