Moved on from Page to the Grand Canyon and Williams today. The Grand Canyon is pretty impressive due to its size and the fact it was created from the Colorado River. That said, I think I still enjoyed Zion much more. Whilst the Grand Canyon is indeed grand, I think there is not as much to do. Partly probably due to it being the top of a canyon so any recreation activities like walks etc are aimed for serious hikers and can’t really be done in a day. Still it was very nice and pics will come soon… (now added, 1 only ‘cos tired)


So the GC was pretty much covered in a day, when 2 were planned. So tomorrow are first heading back to the GC for sunrise then deviating from the trip a bit. Road trip to Flagstaff and Sedona is now on the cards…

Anyways short post tonight, as early start tomorrow for the sunrise… Will probably blog tomorrow, then not sure as back in Vegas for a night before San Francisco.