So this morning headed back to the Rockefeller for a little ice skating. Slightly pricey but fun nonetheless. Morning session was actually 3 hours but only stayed 1 – there’s only so much circling of ice that one can do. I’d imagine in real winter when the other bigger rinks are open it would be even cooler.

Then it was some subway riding to downtown to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Stacks of people walking one way or the other. Another GG reference spotted the park where they played touch football(I think?) at the Christmas time episode in Season 1.

Then it was a stroll through the New York uni area and back to the hotel for a rest. All the walking and early wake ups is starting to take it’s toll.

Tomorrow early evening it’s onwards to Europe. Not sure whether I will be posting much from there but should be in Munich till mid week then Prague for 4 days then on to Budapest then home.