I’d been meaning to do a wrap up post but never got round to it. Got some time this evening so here it is.

So all in all, trip was awesome… liked America way more than I expected. So for the best, worst and oddities…


  • Disneyland
    • Las Vegas
      • Zion National Park
        • Budapest – partly due to the Hungarian currency tanking whilst we were there, and hence us becoming ‘rich’ and stuffing ourselves silly at dinner… </ul> Worst

          • Way too many tourist bus type tours in Prague
            • BMW museum – I’m not a big fan of cars… </ul> Oddities

              All of these are from America…

              • Prepaying your petrol before you filled. This was actually quite a pain. Firstly the things in gallons, your driving a car you don’t know how far the mileage goes on a tank, and you can’t use the machine at the bowser because you have an international credit card and hence ‘enter your zip code’ doesn’t really mean much.
                • Petrol stations where you have to pay for an undisclosed amount of air?!? To add weirdness the air filly things didn’t even have a gauge, so you couldn’t tell how much more you needed to fill the tyre.
                  • Lamingtons in Budapest </ul> Oh and there has to be a list dedicated to best food experiences…

                    • The Buffet at the Bellagio, Las Vegas
                      • Menza, Budapest. Best food ever, so much so 3 of 4 nights was where dinner was had. Deviated once and it was terrible so decision made, to eat where it was good.
                        • Chocolate butter kek from Aldi, Munich – and they have the exact same ones here in Aldi, imported from Germany but with a different name… Tastes good ‘cos the EU have a law where chocolate has to be at least 25% cocoa solids… the Aldi chocolate – 35% </ul>