Till I head of on another adventure to South East Asia. Coming along with me for the Vietnam part of the ride will be my dad, and for the later part of the trip I’ll be catching up with my friend Emily in Laos.

I haven’t travelled overseas with either of my parents since I was like 4 years old so it should be an interesting experience. I’m sure there will be moments along the way where we’ll need to escape each other, but at the same time I reckon it’s cool that we’re able to do this. It’s definitely something I will remember.

I don’t know what it is about Asia, but I really love it. Crazy traffic, bus and train journeys not to mention the food!

Being the geek within, I’m going to lug the majority of tech gadgets that I did last year (minus item 3 for obvious reasons). I’ve also added a Fujifilm J10 to the mix which is basically my cheap digital. The camera cost me basically $99 with a waterproof case so I’m not going to be cut if I lose it into a river.

Our general plans (though I’ve taken the role of travel planner) is to make our way up from Saigon to Hanoi where we’ll make a side trip to Halong Bay and up to Sapa.

So in the coming weeks there’ll be all sorts of fun things to do, like making playlists for my iPod (bring on the top 250 hits from the 90’s!), research accomo so that we at least have a starting point when we arrive in cities, getting my google docs in order so I can have them offline on my eeepc….