Just a random page dedicated to things I’ve developed/toyed with… gotta get round to putting in links and screenshots though as some of these items I haven’t touched/seen in years! That or I’ve abandoned it.

  • WebGen – intranet generator
  • Riverside Girls High website – Developed this whilst I was back in high school. Haven’t had much to do with it in recent years, but am currently working on a Drupal project to do with the site.
  • Sydney Mashups – my foray into Google Maps. Abandoned because at the time there was a severe lack of free data in Australia (and I didn’t own a GPS!). Though data.australia.gov.au is looking very promising.
    • jQuery plugin – Simple Label</ul> I’m sure there’s also some other random stuff I can’t remember about… I remember there was a spider like script in vbscript!… eek