Feeling some gadget and technology love right now. Just used Skype from my EeePC to ring the 8000 Reverse service (1800 Reverse in Australia) to reverse charge a call back to Westpac to sort out stuff with the stolen credit card, as mums card got cancelled as well but she was having issues talking to Westpac.

I couldn’t seem to free call the 1800 reverse number for Australia from Skype even though the Skype site says it should be free, so I dialled the United States one (which I know for sure is free from Skype), then connected the call to Aus. Line was pretty crappy, but we got by. Can’t really complain seeing that I was using free-wifi, free voip and call collecting.

Deciding whether we really need an emergency replacement card. Mastercard can arrange a emergency one for free, but thinking it might be all okay.

Anyways it’s train time tonight as we’re heading up to Nha Trang. Till next time…