Lets say Saturday night wasn’t all that great. Somewhere along the lines my dad got pick pocketed. He’d placed his wallet into his pocket instead of his waist bag and it got lifted somewhere. We’re pretty sure we know where it happened too thinking back on it.When we were walking to dinner, a motorbike cut in and hit my dad pushing him into two ladies. Then the motorbike ‘recorrected’ itself but instead of going straight, cut back out (which is odd now that we think about it). Reckon the bike hitting him was a decoy to let the women pilfer his pockets.

So we had to rule out the other options so backtracked a bit, then came to the conclusion. Had to do some running around making calls to cancel credit cards and ATM cards though. ANZ was easy to cancel, let’s say Westpac was a little more confusing. Trying to find out now where/how hard it is to get a police report for the insurance claim, though I think insurance only covers some of it. We will see.

Oh and along the way backtracking, had the classic taxi metre scam – except that I spotted it and gave it to him – which he basically admitted by turning of the metre and negotiating another fare whch was way to much. It ended with me giving him some money (less than the metre) then giving him a mouthful (which I don’t think he understood anyway) and jumping out the taxi.

Other than that it was the Cu Chi tunnels today. That was pretty cool. Didn’t fire a gun though, but they were really really loud! And I don’t like loud noises…

So tomorrow it’s another day here then on the night train to Nha Trang, hopefully some cooler weather too.

Trawled through the markets in the afternoon, and was somewhat amazed at how much things are inflated for the tourists – at least 50%!