Yep maybe even a video too if my Vimeo upload worked… think my comp is running an old version of Flash so I can’t actually see the video uploaded…

And yep Saigon beers for 10,000 dong (bit less than 60 cents) a bottle… score! Tastes pretty good too. Though as with any place in SE Asia, being a tourist pretty much means a two tier cost system. E.g.first beer of evening turned out to be 20,000 dong a bottle but at the dinner place it was only 10,000! Thinks we will have to check the cost of beer before siting down on small stools now…

Oh and the cost of fresh fruit is always a hard one… obviously bargaining for food is a debatable one, and I’ve often worked on the theory that if I get to eat tropical fruit for way less than the cost in Australia then it can’t be too bad either way. Though this evening showed that food itself can be negotiated. On the way back from Cu Chi today the guide bought 1KG of bananas at 6,000 dong/KG. So it was amusing in the evening, when we were looking at fruit before dinner but didn’t really want to buy it till after eating. Curiously asking a couple of stores the price, we then continued walking except they wanted to bargain. Mangosteen for 20,000 dong/KG! And yes mum it does taste very nice… mmm we’ve bought like 2KG in 2 days

Anyways gotta sleep, so here’s the pics and vid:

Cu Chi (not sure what I was trying to do with the finger pose though?)


Let’s drink a beer: