So we’ve made it to Saigon and it’s totally hot/humid that we’re currently hanging in s coffee shop because it’ got air conditioning and free wifi.

Flight over was good. Was on a 777-300ER and it was pretty awesome. Screens the size of an upmarket netbook (at least 10″) in-seat power and powered USB ports in economy!

So today we’ve kind of been walking about – went to Ben Thanh market and the War Remnants Museum. We somehow didn’t pick up a map from the airport, so have been aimlessly navigating for part of the day – we know we’re heading in the correct direction but have no idea where until we hit one of the roads listed in the LP. Oh and bought our train tickets for the first to legs. Wasn’t too bad bought it from the train station store in the backpacker-ish area so it was $70USD for both of us which was less than I expected.

Tomorrow it’s out to the Chu Chi tunnels… I think’ll I’ll sleep well tonight.


I think this one is a little blurry?