So it’s rainy season up north, but it’s a bit odd. Hoi An totally rained every day (with some dry patches), Hue was hot, Hanoi isn’t as cold as the locals say and it was pouring in Ninh Binh where we are now.

We left Hue on the overnighter last night. It was a bit late but it made it into Hanoi on time. There we backtracked south 2 hours on the train again to Ninh Binh. Found a place to stay near the station, had breakfast then rented some bicycles to cycle out to Tam Coc. The weather was pretty dismal this morning, and it rained most of it. In fact just as our boat ride at Tam Coc finished, the sky torrentially opened, and it totally poured. I think our cameras stayed reasonably dry.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Cuc Phuong National Park for the day, then the following morning catching the 3:10am train north back to Hanoi.

As for the blog post title, woolen socks have a habit of not smelling… hence 3 day old socks… except by the end of our bike ride today I had boots fullish of water and wet socks. At least my feet still felt warm.

Limestone karsts


Getting rowed through caves


Totally raining