Another 12 hr train coming right up

In 6 hours or so we’ll be hopping on the train to Hanoi, though at the moment I’m pottering how to run the gauntlet of cyclo drivers and whatnot who would be more than happy for me to part with my money for a ride to the station.

Other than that we’re at the half way point of our Vietnam adventures and have Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa left. Then it’s onwards to Laos for me. Met some Aussies yesterday who have come across from Laos and they loved it. Said it’s more laid back, people are friendly etc. And not so many people trying to rip you off (fearing taxi metre scams in Hanoi already lol…)

Just resting this morning, not much else to do… till next time… hopefully there is free internet in Ninh Binh…

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