Epic train journey

In Hoi An. Train journey yesterday was epic to say the least. We were meant to leabe at 23:13 on 2/12, but soon after arrival it as announced the train was delayed till 03:00 3/12! So the majority of tourists (not many around 8) bunkered down in the station, Sleeping on plastic chairs is hard.. Then along the way the train became more behind as most of the track is single line, so there are passing points. First train at a point has to wait for the other train to pass.

Eventually got in Danang around 4pmish, 6 hours after the intended time. Asked some Brits if they wanted to share a cab down to Hoi An whichi they did, so we split the cost. Had to deal with yet another ruthless driver wanting more at the end. We only gave him what we originally on. Plus he’d driven round in circles trying to get u to stay at a place where he would get kickbacks instead of dropping us right where we wanted.

Anyways off I go, might go for a wander…

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