Hey from Hue

So got into Hue mid morning today. Decided to catch the bus instead as we had already done a whole day out on bikes in Nha Trang and were not up for possibly another delayed train. Only bummer is the bus takes the tunnel instead of going over the Hai Van Pass.

So on our last day in Hoi An I hired a bicycle and pedaled out to the country side. Got slightly lost along the way turning right instead of left, but all was good in the end. As it’s rainy season it was pretty much raining the whole way and the beach was gloomy with waves. Still it was a nice morning ride. In the afternoon has to visit the tailor to pick up some clothes. They look decent, so hopefully they hold up with wear and washing. Posted a bunch of stuff back home as well. Wasn’t going to lug all the stuff we bought around for another 2 weeks.

Back to today though… not sure if I like Hue yet. I like the Imperial Citadel but the moto and cyclo drives here are just a little bit annoying as they like to follow you (same goes for shop people who follow you trying to grab your arm), Probably going to do a boat cruise tour/trip tomorrow to see some tombs and pagodas. Was thinking of doing it ourself but I really can’t be bothered trying to find us a driver etc.

Also, Hue is the place for the conical hats with the pictures/script you can see when holding the hat up to the light. I was going to buy one, but I don’t think I’m prepared to lug it around for another 2 weeks… nor do I think my dad could get it home in one piece for me. Might just have to pick a conical hat up on my last night in Hanoi…

Anyways gotta go, rest time then dinner…

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