So we decided to give the island hopping trip a miss. Wasn’t that up for snorkelling as I’m a little wheezy with the cold. Tracked down the guys after breakfast this morning to sort out our deal (we’re getting them to drop us a the train station later tonight as well), came back for a 1hr snooze till 8:30am then headed out to meet our drivers.

Headed out along the coast road north stopping in at few fishing villages then on to Ban Ho falls which required a ride down some dirt roads and and decent walk through the forest to the falls. After that it was on to Monkey Island. Not one of the island hopping trip islands, this one was more one that the Vietnamese seem to go too. And it’s got lots of monkeys. Don’t really mind monkeys except when they stalk you for food (rabies!). Whilst walking this giant monkey came from no where and pinched one of ur drivers drinks (and it was in a closed bottle!). There was also this monkey and dog show thing, but it was a bit weird at times. The locals seemed to like it, but it was a bit cruel… – did yu know monkeys can be trained to ride bicycles?!? As much as that was totally weird it was kind of amusing, especially the monkey on the road style bike, which really did take to racing it around.

Anyways just resting now before heading out for dinner and buying snacks for the train trip to Danang.

On the coast


Fishing village


Rice paddies


Just crossed a river


Ban Ho Falls