Hoi An is city on the central cost of Vietnam with and Old Town that is a UNESCO world heritage listed site. The town was a key shipping port in the 16th and 17thh centuries and the town has a very Chinese feel about it, especially with the old shops/homes.

In addition there are many tailors in this town, and the food here is paradise for anyone who loves eating (like myself!). We’ve been somewhat stuffing ourselves a little silly here as it tastes awesome and is cheap. The squid dishes here are the softest/tenderest squid I’ve ever tasted not to mention the herbs, spices and sauces used for flavouring. We’ve been mainly eating in the touristy area round the Old Town which does cost a bit more than local places down alleyways but either way it’s still way cheaper than Australia.

In the Old Town you usually require a ticket to enter some of the old sites. Usually a ticket lets you view 5 different types of sites with around 15 to choose from. However as luck may have it today was the 10th anniversary of the Hoi An Old Town being declared a UNESCO site so it was free to visit any of them. So along our self guided walking tour we popped into all the ones we stumbled across.

It’s a little late now – past midnight, so I’ll post some pictures as usual then head off to bed. Gonna ride out to the beach and rice paddy fields tomorrow…

After wandering somewhat lost round some alleways, we found the local joint Bale Well… only 50,000 VND for all this food – Banh Xeo(Rice pan cake), Thit nuong(grilled pork), Ram cuon(spring rolls – though some are missing from the pic as I ate them), Nem nuong(grilled pork with sate)… That’s less than $3 AUD!


Lemongrss and chilli squid


Can’t remembr exactly, but it was like rice roll pork or something similar. You roll it yourself


Fish in banana leaf


Hoi An is near the water. At high tide, some of the streets flood, when there’s a typhoon it’s many times worse


At night when all the shops close, it looks like a deserted town. But there are still any people out an about elsewhere