In about 45 minutes I’ll be leaving the hotel on my way back to Noi Bai (Hanoi) airport. Spent last night wandering the lake looking at the flower displays. It was really packed in the early evening but towards midnight it became a bit easier to walk around. In the end I ended up going back to my hotel at about quarter to midnight as it was rainy and I’d seen the majority of the displays. Was quite tired as well.

Oh in my travels back from Laos… you know you’re in a tiny airport when:

  • You have to scan your bags BEFORE you enter the airport
  • They don’t require you to present your bag of carry on liquids nor do they make you empty your water bottle that is almost a litre and half full
  • You can pass through immigration and get exit stamped but still pass back in to the main area of the airport to buy food
  • After security screening, to go to the toilet you have to exit the main area to this other area where you can walk outside but on the way back you don’t need to get rescreened. And you can take your carry on bags out with you… </ul> Anyways better get ready… Sydney tomorrow morning… yay!