With the end of IE6 support by Google I’ve decided now is a good time to post about fun with developing web apps that work on IE6. Whilst Firefox is a much superior browser to IE, IE for the most part is okay. Except if you’re developing front end apps that need to operate properly on IE6 as well.

Life then becomes endless fun of trying to work out why things only happen in IE6 but not elsewhere. CSS gone wild, box model fun, random behavior. Caching issues (though that applies to IE5+).

The interesting thing is that IE6 usage is probably actually declining as many small-mid size sites/companies are actually no longer supporting the browser and equally users are using newer versions. But the problem then lies with large corporations who have SOE builds most often which have IE6 installed. If you then think about that, then that’s still quite a lot of people using IE6 who may hit your site during their lunch break.

Food for thought, but it’s slowly getting there…