For want of a better word, I guess I could be termed a flashpacker. Cutting costs here and there is awesome, but a few nice things along the way be it a more comfy bed or hot water is always nice. That and the fact I seem to always cart off with me what seems an enormous amount of cables and gadgets.

This trip happening in a week and a bit isn’t that much different to the last few in terms of gadgets I’m taking, but I am throwing a few more into the mix. The Eee PC and Skype has saved me in the past and this time round I’ll be relying on it plus a bunch of other gadgets to get me through the trip and help me keep in touch, pay bills, navigate roads, backup photos etc.

So in a nutshell… I think the gadget count is going to be something like as follows:

  • Eee PC – surf the net, skype, email, blog etc
  • Panasonic Lumix FZ35 – not quite an SLR but awesome zoom… and rather large!
  • Canon IXUS – smaller point and click for when I don’t want to lug the Lumix around
  • iPod – music, also a backup for my photos and any trip notes
  • iPhone – mainly for keeping in touch via SMS
  • Garmin eTrex – don’t want to get lost on a trail, maybe some geocaching too?
  • Kodak PlaySport – take some video of the car drives and places visited so I can show my mum

Between now and next weekend I’m also going to try and sort out my user accounts for various things so I can keep pics and hopefully videos coming through to the site whilst away…