Well it’s almost time to move on from Chicago and I’m glad to say that the city was more than what I had expected. Having spent most of my travel adventures not in big modern cities I’m somewhat hesitant when heading to one as I’m never sure what to do. Partly ‘cos I don’t really enjoy museums which is what all cities seem to have lots of. But I can say I did visit one museum here and it was probably the most awesome museum in existence

So what’s been happening the last few days…

Yesterday a trip out to the Rock N Roll McDonalds for breakfast. It’s one of the most famous McDonalds in the world, is about 3 times larger than the average Macca’s and consists of 2 floors linked by both elevators and escalators! Plus the theming and decor looks rather upmarket with orchids, pleather (or was it real leather?) chairs/sofa things, plasma screens etc.

After that it was time for the Magnificent Mile for some shopping. Or rather what should have been window shopping. Bought some stuff, as who knows if I’ll find the same size later on down the track at the outlets. Plus as my mum says, it’s not like I’m going to be coming back to Chicago, so if I like it, I should buy it. Also the Lego store is awesome and packed. You can get all kinds of awesome Lego, like you can get a space shuttle one to build! Stacks of kids and parents buying for said kids. Not to mention some big kids too.

Today it was back to the Willis (Sears) Tower first thing in the morning. Tried to go yesterday but it was like a one hour wait, so banked on less people being there first thing today. Seemed like a good move as even though there was quite a few people we all got up without waiting. A little bit overated. Hancock Observatory was better. It’s kind of like the same reason why Top of the Rock is better than Empire State.

Then it was time for the Museum of Science and Industry. Probably the best museum I have been to in life (considering I don’t usually like museums!). It’s about 100 times better than the Powerhouse Museum and is huge featuring pretty much anything science and technology related such as climate change, space, science storms, computers, submarines etc. Was really in awe/impressed of the science storms section it had a Tesla coil, water vapour tornado creator, tsunami tank and heaps more.

Headed back towards the hotel after that and somehow landed up at the Puma store where money was splashed. Oops.

Tomorrow it’s a super early wakeup as it’s time to go to Canada (if only for a few days). Flights 7 something am, but it’s like 45 min on the train to get there, which means having to lug bags to the train station. Fun times.

Sorry no pics today, exhausted.