So checked out Temple Square in downtown today. In case you didn’t know, Salt Lake City is the world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the Mormon Church). Temple Square features a number of buildings some historical, some more modern, but all nonetheless important to the LDS church.

It was a bit of an experience to say the least as the grounds were filled with Mormon sister missionaries who whilst friendly, seemed to outnumber the tourists, at least whilst we were there. It seemed like the questions they asked were scripted, so having the same convo like 6+ times in a row felt a little intense. I even got the offer to have a missionary come visit me back home in Australia, which I politely declined.

After that a little city hike up a hill to the capital building which is in a residental area at the edge of downtown followed by a visit to the library for a roof view then to the shopping centre.

SLC is one of these cities where public transport in the downtown area is all free. Something that was made use of today, as having walked stacks of city blocks yesterday was actually kind of far! Interesting experience of the day the University line TRAX seemed to have interesting characters to say the least. Like a guy who just got released from jail that morning who was dropped at the Sandy line with some money to get him back to Portland.

Anyways it’s onwards tomorrow to Wyoming. Let’s hope the I-80 isn’t crazy!