After a good few days in Moab where fun was had in the parks it was time to move on to Salt Lake City for a couple of days rest before continuing the National Parks adventure. The drive for the most part was straight forward until the interstate was met just out of SLC. Let’s say the I-15 was absolutely crazy. I don’t recall even the drive last time from LA out to Vegas being as crazy! This was like 12 lanes of traffic (6 each way) with road work and entries/exits every few miles. Way intense.

But made it safely to the Red Lion Hotel in downtown. SLC is the capital and largest city in Utah but it’s downtown doesn’t see that busy at all. Nothing like the Sydney CBD. The whole city is built on a grid system so it’s quite easy to navigate except that streets are split into either north, south, east or west depending on their relation to Temple Square.

Got a few things to check out tomorrow morning but other than that it’s more or less a rest day before hitting the road again.