In 4 days I’m heading out of the country for the next two months to the USA. It’s partly holidays, part mini career break, part time to think things through and reassess “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

It’s not all as mellow as it sounds though. In fact I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome, exciting adventure but 12+ months of pottering and thinking means it’s about time I take stock of things.

Other than the pottering and pondering, getting real excited about going back to the USA. I was there back in 2008, almost around the same time and it was an awesome adventure of deserts, driving and Disney. And sticking to the trusted, there is lots of desert driving and more Disney this time round.

Flying into Vegas which is where the road trip will begin. After a couple of days to sort out supplies, sleep patterns etc, it’s off into canyon country in Southern Utah. Really looking forward to visiting Utah again as I loved Zion National Park last time, and I’m sure the ones we’re going to visit this time round will be just as awesome. Plus how can a National Park with a section called Island in the Sky not be awesome just by name?

Then it’s up into Salt Lake City for some rest before some more epic drives up into the wilds of Wyoming/Montana to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Hoping I get to see some wildlife like bears and wolves etc, but hopefully there will be no pic-a-nic[ing] from Yogi Bear’s relatives…

Then it’s onwards to Chicago and Niagara where I’ll cross over into Canada for a few days, then back down to New York City. Not sure what to do in NYC this time round… will see.

Then it’s on to Florida where it’s theme parks, theme parks and the happiest place on earth. Watch out kids, I’m gonna ride Dumbo this time round 😀 Some time in Seattle, then back to Sin City for half a week or so before it’s back home to Oz.

All in all, epic American adventure. I’ll hopefully be keeping this blog updated as I go so check in frequently. Also there’s my twitter which I plan on updating too.

Don’t think I’ll blog again before I leave, so next time I write it’ll probably be from the RV Park at Bryce Canyon (no free internet in Las Veas)…