Made it to Moab

So this morning I started as the first leg driver on the approx 270 mile drive across Utah to Moab. Made a stop at Salina to refuel and get some breakfast at a gasoline station that housed a Burger King that smelled rather funny. As an interesting note, hash browns at Burger King aren’t like at Macca’s and are more like potato gems… so don’t order large >.< Driving the interstates the speed limit is between 65 - 75 miles per hour. Their dual laned and from having driven quite a few they're not that busy either. Nothing like the F3 from Sydney - Newcastle. Plus, seemingly in the U.S. the 'speed limit' seems to be more like the minimum speed limit and everyone seems to be doing at least 5 - 10 miles more. Plus the ocasional crazy driver doing some ridiculous speed! So made it into Moab a bit earlier than intended and headed straight for Arches NP. It makes sense that it’s called Arches as a key thing it is visted/known for are the numerous sandstone arches formed from years of erosion and weathering. It also contains Landscape Arch the worlds longest natural arch that is only 6 feet thick at it’s thinnest point!

As we’ve got a few days here had a look at a few of the pullouts to get an idea of things then headed down the road to the Moab Valley RV Resort, where slightly more upmarket cabins are available. Yay to no late night treks to the bathhouse! Also decided on what hikes to do tomorrow, as it’s pretty much desert out here and gets quite hot during the day. I’d wanted to hike out to Delicate Arch for sunset but we’re going to do it early tomorrow morning instead as it’s a 3 mile return hike in open sun on slickrock. The change to a morning hike was decided, because hopefully it will be cooler in the morning just after sunrise. Plus imagine if we didn’t make it to the top in time?!? Additionally, at least we won’t have to walk back down in the fading light, as being on slickrock the trail is only marked by rock cairns. All the info seems to say it’s moderatley strenuous, but it’s elevation ascent/descent isn’t that much worse from the trail at Bryce so hopefully if we carry enough water (they recommend 2L per person!) and some food it should be okay. Will catch a sunset at another formation though, one that hopefully doesn’t call for a massive hike!

Then late arvo had a supermarket run for supplies. Craving tea and there is a coffee/tea maker here. Whilst in the supermarket they had roast lemon chickens so a decision was made to have a campground dinner of roast chicken, salad and potatoes. And it was yum! So sitting here now out in the fresh air on the laptops catching up on things. Look out for some pics soon… and maybe a video if I manage to upload it…

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