Started this morning with a mid morning hike up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Instead of walking around Jenny Lake we shortcutted it a bit and caught the ferry across, cutting of a couple of miles. As much as I’m enjoying the walking/hiking, I’m on holidays so anything up to around a 4 mile hike is good (1 miles = approx 1.6 kilometers). Anything else requires just a little to much effort… So instead of a 6 mile walk it became 2 and a bit miles.

Hiking/walking in Grand Teton is quite different from Canyon Country in Utah. The weather is a lot cooler for a start and another key difference is that it is bear country. Didn’t stumble across any bears today (thank goodness), but according to the animal spottings board, yesterday further up the trail at Cascade Canyon a black bear was spotted and a moose at Inspiration Point. No animals spotted by me whilst hiking today though… Except for I think what looked like an eagle of sorts and squirrels.

After the walk it was time to refuel with the good ‘ole meal of a NP hotdog. Then it was time for a bit of a drive to various lookouts, in an attempt to see some animals. But it seemed like the animals did not want to be spotted. Though it was mid afternoon so they probably we’re snoozing.

Tomorrow I think it’s the Signal Mountain trail/hike then I think laundry matters call…


View from trail on the way to Hidden Falls


Hidden Falls. A local here told us that in spring the falls have way more water, and the spray reaches you from the viewing point.


Be bear aware!


Inspiration Point, 7200 feet. The actual trail went way higher than this. Followed it for a bit more, but the canyon fork was still 3.3 miles (5 km) away when we headed back round.


View of the ranges from a viewpoint


Oxbow Bend