More on the post title laters, but first a better run down of yesterday and today. So after arriving yesterday afternoon, did the usual checkout what’s nearby. For where we’re staying that was Millennium Park as it’s literally round the corner. Checked out the Crown Fountain which was rather cool, the spray from the fountain cooling as it was rather hot and humid yesterday. Then checked out the sculpture dubbed “The Bean”. After some walking round the downtown area it was time for dinner and Chicago style stuffed pizza was on the cards. Then it was back to the hotel for an early night due to tiredness from the early wake up (plus it is the U.S. TV season premiere week so there was stuff on the box to watch).

Today on the other hand was a rather long yet excellent day. Started the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is free which is rather surprising as it is actually quite good. It’s nowhere near as big as Taronga (maybe a bit less than half the size?) but in many ways it was better than it. E.g. the animals have indoor exhibits they can roam to if the weather is too cold/bad. And the indoor exhibits are done rather nicely, like they have real soil/bark on the floors instead of plain old concrete! And this is where the camel looked like it had a broken hump. I’m sure it was normal, but I still found it quite funny nonetheless. Make sure to look at the pic!

Then after that it was up to the Threadless store where I picked up 2 shirts. Since Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs) was nearby walked on up to that as well. I’d known there were Cubs games on whilst we were in town and was planning to get tickets to a game but had kind of passed on that idea a while back. Strolling up towards the field with everyone seemingly going to the ball game, it was hard not to go watch, so with $22 tickets in hand in we went to watch the Chicago Cubs play the St Louis Cardinals.

After the game it was down to the Magnificant Mile to head up the Hancock Observatory for some 360 skyline views. Then it was dinner time followed by a trip over to Navy Pier which provided for some nice evening views back towards the towers of the Chicago skyline. And yes, the popcorn was awesome! Buttery, sugary and salty at the same time…

Tomorrow think the day is going to start at the Rock N Roll McDonalds – how can you not visit it with the name it has?


Crown Fountain at Millennium Park


“The Bean” at Millennium Park


The river, downtown


Chicago style stuffed pizza


This squirrel shot was taken at the zoo except it was a wild squirrel and had nothing to do with the zoo. He just struck a funny pose…


Oops one of my humps is broken!


$22 gets you tickets high up in the stands. This was just before the game started.


View from the observatory. Can’t avoid the reflection… glass windows


Ferris wheel, Navy Pier


Night skyline, there’s more towers to the right, but couldn’t get them in due to dinner cruise ships docked.


Navy Pier Park sign