So been in the USA a couple of days now but it only feels like the holiday has finally started. It might’ve been because the first stop in Las Vegas was purely for stocking up on supplies for the road trip of the next 18 or so days.

But going back a bit further, the flight over was epic. I’d forgotten how long it took to get to the USA, and cramped in a flying kangaroo tin can was somewhat painful to say the least. Even if I can stretch my feet completely out. Bit of a minor debacle at the airport with Qantas insiting we needed a printed copy of the visa waiver and an address filled in which is contrary to what the US say on their application!

So arrived in Vegas after the epic day of flying and had to drive happy laps around Vegas trying to find the hotel. We knew where it was having been there before but the map didn’t go as far as the airport so it was random driving around till familar street names appeared. The following day was Walmart for GPS, supplies, water, food etc as well as geting local sim cards (thanks Emma for your phone, worked good!).

Today a 5am wake up for the drive to Bryce Canyon, Utah. Had to leave super early ‘cos Utah jumps an hour forward into mountain time. Did the breafast break at Macca’s in St George, then I took over and did my first lot of driving into Cedar City. Got into Bryce around noon and checked into what is a log cabin. Feels like it’s going to be quite cold tonight!

After that headed straight for Bryce Canyon National Park which is literally like 5 min up the rd. The weather did start raining later on which made it super freezing but got to see lots of awesome hoodoos which I’ll post some pictures of below. The hoodoos at Bryce Canyon are formed by millions of years of erosion adue to water, wind and ice/snow. It’s pretty impressive standing at the top and looking down into the ampitheatre!

Tomorrow hopefully the weather is better so some hiking can be done. Should be nice to get further down the canyon… maybe not so much having to climb back out!


After some happy laps around Vegas, Bills was found.


Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.


More hoodoos!