So in the end it was no internet for the 5 days at Disney World. The days were just too long and epic to comprehend using a computer at night.

All I can say to sum up the 5 days is the word AWESOME! And after 5 days of awesome I’m a little worse for wear – somewhat sick with a really sore throat. I’ll have to do a post Disney rundown at a later stage, but all 4 parks (not counting the water parks) were visited, many rides ridden and an awful lot of food eaten. Don’t underestimate the Disney Dining Plan… trust me you won’t go hungry. If anything thinking about the immense amount of food on offer is enough to make you cringe at times. Times such as when lunch includes a dessert!

Gonna have to leave it here, as need to rest and rid myself of this dreaded cold/sore throat thing.