So if you follow my Twitter updates, you probably saw that the flight to NYC from Buffalo didn’t exactly go as planned. The leftovers of Hurricane Nicole hit the east coast and pretty much caused chaos in the north east region on the USA with heavy winds and stacks of rain. Didn’t know how bad it was as after clearing security grabbed something to eat before heading in the general direction of the gates. Where it soon became apparent that air travel hell was about to begin. Flight before us to JFK was cancelled, and pretty much every other airline had cancelled there flights to NYC and upper NY state with only a lucky few delayed. At first all was okay and the flight just kept getting delayed, but when the ATC system then went down it was pretty much over. With all the bad weather there were less slots into JFK and eventually the flight got cancelled.

Then it was trying to get to NYC the next day as had tickets to Rock of Ages in the evening. The system had rebooked us for like 6:45pm which would not have worked at all. But luckily there are 3 airports in the NYC region so after letting the guy know we didn’t care which airport we flew in, he managed to get us on a flight. Except it went via Atlanta which actually required flying south to about halfway to Orlando, then back north to NYC. Got the flight to Atlanta all okay in the morning and everything seemed good. Then the next flight got delayed… and got more delayed. Storm had intensified and La Guardia had high winds and 3+ hour delays! Started seeming like NYC was never going to happen as by this stage had lost a night, plus half a day (and growing). Eventually we got confirmation we could depart and let’s say I was quite glad when the plane was finally in the air.

After a very grey and rainy arrival into NYC it was off to the hotel to dump bags before picking up the Rock of Ages tickets for that night. Some food and a stroll through Times Square and it was back at the theatre. All I can say is that Rock of Ages definitley rocked! Highly recommend it. Don’t know if the Australian version (starting in November I think?) is going to be as good though.

As for today, looks like the remanants of the hurricane have gone. Blue sky all around. As this is the second time to NYC and compounded with the loss of days due to the delay getting in, kind of taking it as it is. Not really doing the touristy things as have done them before. But did make it to Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn and yes the pizza is really good. Joined the queue and got in when they opened which was good timing. In the afternoon trawled some shops and made a muppet at the Muppet Whatnot workshop at FAQ Schwarz. That was good fun… don’t know how I’ll get my muppet home yet though but I’m sure I’ll work out a way.

As for tomorrow, think it’s the American Museum of Natural History (the Night at the Museum museum) and a visit to the High Line park. Then shopping.

No pics from NYC as the hotel does’t have free wireless… so I’ve typed this blog up before hand and am now posting it from a museum (except a day later from when I typed it)…