So made it to sunny Orlando yesterday evening with only minor delays out of New York City’s LaGuardia airport (yes it rained again!). The agenda of the next week is pretty much theme parks, theme parks, theme parks, shopping, more shopping and Kennedy Space Center (NASA).

Today the theme park extravaganza started with Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. There’s two Universal parks in Orlando, but we chose the Islands one as it has more thrill rides, plus it has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. First stop was Hogwarts and Hogsmeade as the queues get fairly long later in the day. First ride of the day was the flagship ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey a indoor robocoaster/dark ride. Now the ride did warn those with motion sickness (but most rides do this anyway), so when it came to loading and it was an over-the-shoulder harness I then realised that maybe this was a thrill ride of sorts. And it was, as it killed of the idea of riding any other ‘thrill’ rides, making me feel really sick within the first 30 seconds. Had to keep my eyes closed for more than half of it, and actually started thinking of how I could elegantly be sick if I had too! That said what I saw of it was excellently done, and the waiting line areas were brillant. Talking portraits, hallways, the classroom.

After a pause to recover – and realising age must be catching up with me as I never use to feel sick on rides – headed on to ride other somewhat more passive rides in the park. Some awesome water rides were ridden and at one point I was soaked all over.

Finished up mid afternoon and headed to the outlet mall nearby. And left a little bit poorer. Tomorrow morning up early to cart selves and stuff over to Walt Disney World for the next 5 days.

Blogs may be light on pictures the next week… days are pretty long/tiring…. but expect a typed post 😀