Edit: So this was attempt 2 of this post. Thank goodness for Google cache! Don’t start a migration to a new server whilst still updating your site 🙂

So after having my WordPress install nag at me to update for ages, I finally got round to it. Also took the opportunity to clean up my FTP directory which has had bits and pieces lying around for years.

With this update, we now have a new theme, some nice random header images and Archives! I took a quick look at it and realised I’ve been blogging off and on for the last decade! I remember starting back on Blogger back in the day and then migrating to WordPress. Those blog posts from back then didn’t migrate that well, hence the numbers as post titles. And I also think I’m possibly missing a few weeks or months of the very start of my blogging foray… :-(

From WordPress was the migration to Drupal where I blogged periodically for a number of years and then the painful migration back. It’s just a little bit crazy to know I’ve still basically got 10 years of posts intact! There’s a couple of years in between where the posting is sporadic, but hopefully I’ll keep this guy more up to date with my ramblings, musings and thoughts.