In semi preparation for our upcoming US adventures we headed down to Kosciuszko National Park over the Easter long weekend for a weekend of outdoor fun. Whilst I’ve been to Kosciuszko multiple times, I’ve only ever been down there for winter activities. So going down there in non snow season was also somewhat a novelty for me.

We left Sydney early Friday and made it to Thredbo a bit after lunch. Being Easter and school holidays there were heaps of families about and activities for kids to do. I never got around to riding the Alpine Coaster at Park City last year, so when I saw the bobsled ride it was time for a couple of big kids to join the queue. Fun times all round.

Saturday was the main event. The Main Range Walk from Charlottes Pass to Mt Kosciuszko and back. 22KM loop. The weather was pretty dreary and cold but it’s not to bad if you’re wearing the right clothes.

There’s something mystical about hiking in the fog. Bad visibility one minute, to somewhat clear views of an alpine lake appearing for a short period then disappearing behind fog again. We got to the beginning of the incline up Kosciuszko around lunch and  decided to make the ‘climb’ and have lunch at the top. Which seemingly every other person was doing that day. Australia’s highest peak is a funny one as you can essentially catch a chair lift up and walk 5KM (each way) which makes it a great day trip for those who aren’t keen to make the 22KM loop.

After lunch we set off on our way with the rain finally turning up and the last few KM spent walking in light rain. There’s nothing like being overtaken by people on the walk out when you’re tired. It’s like where did they come from?!?

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to make it back down to do the hike in better weather some time in the future.